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1. Industry Wise Labels
... These ensure that failure and delays are nil. This is an GEEKAY guarantee. Our process chart control plans and FMEAs help us to serve customers better. GEEKAYs ability to handle high volumes of orders, ...
2. Printing Options
... are buried in land-fills, in a manner that does not pose any harm to the environment. GEEKAY LABELS OFFERS THE FOLLOWING PRINTING OPTIONS Lamination In this process, a clear film is applied ...
3. Label Options
EFFICIENCY, A WATCH WORD, TEAM WORK - THE CREDO We have adopted an ERP-Based working environment. This ensures that every order is processed systematically. The production process involves data ...
4. More About Geekay Labels
... the best quality and offer products that exceed the highest standards of quality at prices you can afford. All in all, our customers receive the service known as Geekay customer satisfaction and quality ...
5. Facilities at Geekay Labels
... maintains a dust free environment so that the labels we provide you with are of the highest quality. The work force at Geekay Label is upgraded to quality assurance programs regularly. The Company ...
6. Product Labels
... and matte coatings. Roll labels: Our roll product labels are available in various die-cut shapes. Printed on self-adhesive materials that is easy to peel and stick to most surfaces. Choose from a variety ...
7. Pre-Printed Labels
We have three methods of producing printed labels. The method that is the most appropriate for you will largely be dependent on quantity and number of colours you require. In the past, all label and sticker ...
8. Plain Labels
... printing bureau and have excellent printing properties. We stock a standard range of blank label rolls and blank A4 sheet labels and we can custom manufacture blank labels in the size and material that ...
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