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Saturday, 8 October 2022

About Our Products

All GEEKAY Label Products have three simple watchwords;

  • A missionary commitment to quality
  • Openness & creativity to innovate, and
  • Constant value-addition.

Adherence to these three simple, but powerful principles has propelled GEEKAY Labels into the league of top-class manufacturers. GEEKAY is a major player in South India for the manufacture of specialty labels for the electro mechanical industry. A reliable supplier of self-adhesive and metal labels, from concept to finished product, totally driven by consistent quality. An intimate knowledge of customers needs, developed over years of interaction, has given GEEKAY cutting edge expertise. Its constant quest for new materials and products, has resulted in products of excellent finish, and outstanding quality.


Through the years, GEEKAY has satisfied a string of discerning, quality-conscious customers. Each a leader in their own fields, our clients have benefited from our close interaction and the maturity of understanding developed by us. As a result, the quantity of their orders has increased. So has our Quality. Today, GEEKAY Labels are a synonym for quality, dependability and deliver on-time, every time.

  • The product range of GEEKAY Labels spans the full range of services required by the electromechanical industry … plus, some more.
  • GEEKAY has a fully equipped Research & Development laboratory, consisting of well-qualified and highly trained staff.
  • R&D continuously strives to innovate and develop new products, with high quality. This is a routine requirement of the discerning customers of GEEKAY.
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Why Geekay Labels?

  • Best Price, Best Quality Stickers Guaranteed
  • Custom Printed Labels Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters
  • Bulk suppliers of self adhesive labels
  • Full fledged label manufacturing unit
  • Easy ordering, Get fast with high quality, full colour printing
  • Get quality custom stickers and labels printed fast
  • Our promise Quality with Integrity